acknowledgements (v. XII)

Neither the Edith Kinney Gaylord Expository Writing Program nor this publication would exist without the contributions of so many excellent undergraduate writers. The primary credit for Volume XII of Brainstorm belongs to the students whose work we showcase this year: Grace Benham, Jacob Dayon, Jonathan Dumar, Cassie DeGroot, Jon-Vincent Martinez, Olivia Owen, Kathryn Powers, Chelci Prosise, and Anna Sedivy-Thompson. Each of the essays by these young writers reveals a distinctive voice, argument, and vision; we are proud to share them with the greater OU community.

As a magazine of student writing, Brainstorm is the culmination of a semester-long engagement with the writing process in courses characterized by the unique collaboration between students and lecturers that Expo thrives upon. A brief introductory note preceding each essay connects the author to the course and lecturer that helped them conceive, write, and revise their work.

In the spirit of celebrating first-year writing instruction, we would like to acknowledge the Expository Writing faculty who taught in Spring and Fall of 2019, when the essays in this volume were written and revised for publication: Eric Bosse, Timothy Bradford, Al Harahap, Liz Locke, Nick LoLordo, Catherine Mintler and Robert Scafe. The Committee for this volume—Bosse, Bradford, Mintler, and Scafe—deserve a special commendation for the time they devoted to selecting student essays and the guidance they provided as student authors honed their work for publication. We thank Tara Risenhoover and Missy Stewart for their invaluable administrative assistance. Finally, we would like to thank former President David Boren and the Inasmuch Foundation overseen by William J. Ross and Robert J. Ross, whose generous investment in first-year writing at OU has supported our program for nearly 15 years and has made it possible for our students to produce the excellent work represented in this volume. We look forward to publishing future issues of Brainstorm under the leadership and support of President Joseph Harroz Jr. by continuing to collaborate with first year writing students in ways that exemplify our shared vision of excellence at the University of Oklahoma.